Finding the hidden beauty in old wood and giving it new purpose is a passion. - Hilary Metz

Metz Made is a custom furniture company that specializes in one of a kind pieces.  We take old reclaimed wood from torn down houses and barns and incorporate galvanized metal to create a wide range of unique pieces.  

Every piece that we make will have its own unique beauty.  No two are exactly alike.  If you have any specifications, I would love to work with you to build a product that you will love and cherish for a lifetime.  To place a custom order, click here.

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Inspiration Behind Metz Made

MM inspiration.  This journey began with my incredible love for this man - my grandfather!  A farmer and engineer devoted to his family and his land.  

I would spend every minute I could with him in his shop (and on the mower) watching him repair old machinery with worn out tools.  He never threw anything out because "they won't make 'em like this ever again" and "there's still some life in her yet."  He raised me to see the beauty in things that most people might find old, worthless, and rotted.
In a culture that is so wrapped up in what is new and current, we often forget that there may be life left in the seemingly old and outdated.  I love finding an old piece of wood, giving it TLC, and letting it reveal how much life it still has in it.  The best part - Letting it show me what it wants to be.  Often I am left speechless when I find how much beauty was waiting to be uncovered.  Even wood has a story to tell and more life to live, I'm just here to listen and give it another chance at life.


MM integrity.  Metz Made is deeply rooted in old family traditions and values.  As a farmer, Pop had to stand by what he produced.  He incorporated that integrity into his everyday life, never making a promise he couldn't (and didn't) keep.  Our promise to you is to stand by every product that we make.  We will repair or replace your purchase due to any malfunction of the product.  Note: Throwing a piece in a moment of rage, or a clumsy drop, doesn't count.